Fun Fact:

I came up with my fansub website name

from way back in the day, I played a good anime

based rpg game, GRANDIA (PSX)



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Anime on my mind lately, is yattaman 2008!

Plot Summary: A mysterious gem called the "Skull Stone" said to be able to reveal the location of the largest vein of gold in the world. This legend has entranced many people who wanted to get their hands on fame, power and wealth, including the Dorombo Gang. However, their hunt for the Skull Stone is not as easy as they imagined, mainly due to the faulty information they receive from their leader; and most of all, by a justical duo of pursuers called the "Yatterman".





Welcome to Grandfansubs!


This is a fansub site by fans for fans and it is non-profit. I am proud to be a fansub dvd distribution site.


Update 08/12/15


Hi everyone sorry for the lack of updates... I am changing my email address to: And will

remove titles that are commercialized. thanks






Update 11/17/14


Hi everyone,

sorry for the lack of updates, I have been very busy with things and still get lots of orders so I am

trying to be as fast as I can be.


This is just a fan service type thing and I appreciate all the support... I do not make money off of this but use the money to update equipment and make more dvds with my limited time.

Without my fan base helping me out I would not be able to have so much hard to find titles that are unavailable.


Update 2/6/14

2 dvds

Naruto Shipuuden 317-329




Miracle Girls 1-13,14-26,27-39,40-51





Sorry, I have a lot more titles I will slowly add... Doing what I do is a lot of work so just bare with me.

thank you





New titles and changes are coming ;)

The blue green years 1-13,14-26,27-39,40-47

Detective conan movie 17: private eye in the distant sea

yatterman 1977 1-13,14-17plus the movie

Cyborg 1979 1-13

Yatterman 2008 1-12,12.5-23,24-33,34-44,45-53 with 1977 ova 1-2 ,


Legend of Daiku-Manyu 1-13,14-26,27-39

DBZ: battle of gods  and gundam ace ova 1-2

Gundam age 1-13,14-26,27-39,40-49

more coming soon along with naruto shippuuden 


I do have more as well, I just need to organize my set better,

and I have a lot of loyal supporters that want to see it happen as well

so thank you for being loyal. I plan on updating the site on a regular basis as well.



World masterpiece Theater page has been added!





what is comming soon is more detective conan aka Magic Katiou... yea katiou kid has his own series now :) and a new Detective conan movie is soon to be fansubbed 

more naruto, bleach, sonic, one piece , fandubs ... hint hint sailor moon stars.


Favorite fansub anime I recommend are
fairy tale

Magic Katiou  COMMING SOON :)

Robin Hood no Daiboken 


Hi, very small update today ......... but i promise that little by little... I will be getting some great new titles! The main problem I am having with the site is organizing titles I do not have listed and then listing them... it sounds easy but of course its not lol

Marvel Iron Man 1-12

Marvel Wolverine 1-12

Marvel X-Men 1-12

Silent Hill movie 2 fan-made



Hi ,

It has been awhile but I am making sure to get some great new titles! If anybody has any questions please email

I have been working on these below but also have some new stuff added on my titles page. And yes I am working on getting the Detective Conan page fixed.

SailorMoon Stars fandub 166-171 ( high quality, you cant even tell its a fandub!) & Magical Project S 1-26

3 dvds $18.00


SailorMoon 1-89 & Memorial & R Memorial & break blade movie 1 ( THE FIRST SEASON REMASTERED)

8 dvds $48.00


Hero Tales 1-26 & 11 eyes ova 1-13

3 dvds $18.00

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood  1-64

6 dvds $ 36.00

thank you all for your support of fansub dvds a non profit org that will get even more titles listed !


Still fixing the site but dug out some old fandub/fansub parodies that are old school! I am still looking to swap links if anybody wnats to as well.

AS WELL AS SOME KILLER ROCKMAN/MEGAMAN ANIME ! ALSO, since i'm into video games and I want to celebrate the release of final fantasy 13. Everybody that buys 3 dvds from me will get a free FINAL FANTASY 7 MOVIE JAPANESE AUDIO WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES AS WELL AS SOUTH PARK STAR WARS FANDUB!



Aim for the Ace trailer

Aim for the Ace movie

Prince of Tennis fandub


Dancing blade ova 1-2

Neon genisis:south park fandub parody

Lina inverse warror sorceress fansub parody ( they tried to do a xena theme)


SailorGoon fansub parody

Sailormoon S fandub 90-93

Sailormoon stars fandub episode


Resident evil fanfiction

Chrono Trigger ova


4 dvds: 24.00(oldschool fandub and fansub parodies)






Rockman exe 1-56 + exe beast 1-13

5 dvds $30.00

Rockman exe axess 1-33 & exe movie & ovas

5 dvds $ 30.00

Ryuusei no Rockman 1-34


Ryuusei no Rockman 35-55 &Rockman exe stream 1-3


Royuusei no Rockman tribe 1-21

3 dvds $18.00






Hi, I am still fixing my page and I have ALOT of new anime fansubs to add as well.


I have been playing a new game on the Nintendo wii lately called 

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

It’s basically old school anime characters vs. capcom charters so as a surprise, I did some research. I did find the yatterman series which the yaterrman characters star in this game.

I listed it right on my main page for whoever wants to get it.  that is my surprise for today!

Thank you




the new way I am going to be selling dvds is going to be a grouping method but you can still mix match too if you need to. I just had to think of a way I can organize my fansub dvd collection.

Added a links page to get more traffic so if you wan to exchange links email me at




Yatterman Live action movie

Yatterman 2008 1-3, 1977 1-2

older anime movies: dream dimention fundora,violent jack, call me tonight ova,

blue falmes ova, del power ova, dirty pair 1,

cosmo police justy ova

3 dvds $18.00


thanks again for your support